Guidelines - trade bonds



The following link will inform you how to correctly offer and request bonds.

Please take care, that the Traderoom has only the function to get in contact with other people, who’s willing to buy or order bonds. The real trade is exclusive to the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange!


1] Registration

Only registered user can participate in the Traderoom.

Click on “Create New Account” to get the registration form.

Additional to your data, you must also provide your identification or the commercial registered report. You have two options - Upload your identification in the register form directly or provide us the identification via E-Mail to or via postal service to WEB Windenergie AG, Davidstraße 1, 3830 Waidhofen/Thaya. We will then unlock you for the Traderoom.

Please beware that minors are not permitted to trade.


2] Registration form

For successful registration, you must fill out all fields marked by *. Please make sure that your data is correct. Otherwise, you will not be able to get in contact with the business partners.


3] Personal Data

  • For obvious recognition we need your first name, second name, address, birthday  and identification.
  • Your Phone number and E-Mail address allow us to contact you if necessary and is also essential for processing sales and purchases. Please consider to use a valid E-Mail address for retrieving a new password.
  • Your user name is visible for all users, but a user name can be used for one person only! Also the E-Mail address can be used only one time in this system!
  • Your password is needed to log-in to the traderoom. This ensures us that you are the correct user. You will enter your password after the registration process by clicking the link in the Welcome E-Mail
  • It is assumed that you’ve read and know your confirmation of terms of use..
  • Your personal data will be kept in confidence.


4] Login

A registered user will receive an active access to all bond offers/requests and she/he is able to quote her/his own bond offers/requests. Therefore you must enter your user name and password in “User login” and click “Log in”.


5] Sale and Purchase bonds

If you are a registered user and you are logged in, you will see in under option “bond” two buttons: “offer bond” or “request bond”, which allow you to place selling or purchasing orders, depending which option you chose.

  • Please enter the unit of offered or requested bonds.

Attention: An offer or request can only be accepted as a whole! Therefore, it would be wise  not to enter overstocking units. If you would like to purchase or sell a higher quantity of bonds, we propose to do so in smaller packages.

  • Which price you would like to sell/purchase?
  • How long  is your offer or request valid? The maximum period of validity is 14 days. The validity of the offer or request ends on stated date at midnight.
  • Please read and confirm the terms of use and click “continue”.
  • Please check your indications again and click “confirm“. If you would like to change something, you can do this if you click “revise”
  • Please click “list of orders” or “list of demands you”; here you will find your offer / your request..
  • If you would like to cancel your offer/ your request before expiry, please go to “My offers and requests” and click on “Delete”. To keep track of all your offers and requests, you will find them in “My offers and requests”. Of course you can delete them at every time.


6] To accept an offer or request

If you click on the button „list of offers“ or “list of requests” you will get an overview of the current share offers and requests.

  • If you are a registered user and you are logged in, you will see  a new column, in which every free offer and free request has a button with “interest”.
  • If you click on a free offer or request (interest) you will receive an E-Mail with personal data of your business partner, all information regarding the accepted offer or request, and further instruction. Further, your business partner will receive your personal data.
  • Currently your selected offer or request will be delete from the Traderoom-list. If the trade falls through, you will have to enter a new one.
  • Now the buying- /selling process starts. The seller and buyer are responsible for the processing.


7] Processing / Payment

For Bonds, it is important to note that a sale or purchase of W.E.B. bonds is exclusive to the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange. To do so, please contact your depositary bank to arrange the sale or purchase. Furthermore, WEB Windenergie AG does not assume any liability or guarantee that the offered bonds are in user's possession or that the bonds ordered in the Traderoom are bought by the user.