Bond 2019, without due date; 4,5% hybrid

Bond Issuer WEB Windenergie AG
Issue volume EUR 9.659.000,00
Denomination EUR 1.000
Interest yield 4,5% p.a.
Issue price 100% (EUR 1.000 denomination)
Duration starting from 26.06.2019 – unlimited
Termination A cancellation is possible according to the terms and conditions.
Subscription period              07.05.2019 till 17.06.2019
Date of issue 26.06.2019
For years, in which a dividend payment was not done based on the result of the previous financial year, interest payments may be deferred. If deferred, interest payments will be paid out including compounding interest.
Paying back Unlimited duration. For this reason a date of final repayment is not possible to be determined. Pro-rata repayment of one tenth of the nominal value in years, in which the issuer distributes dividends in connection with the result of the previous financial year.
Paying agency Volksbank Wien AG
Market listing